Baby Room Decorations

It is said that an efficient design combines functionality with aesthetics and we could not agree more. Soft lines, warm colors and nice textures make for a welcoming atmosphere, suitable for a baby room. Because babies spend most of their time in their room, decorations is extremely important. Here are some easy home decor ideas that you can apply when decorating the baby’s room:

Choose a theme

Before you start to look for furniture and decorations for your baby, think of a theme – fairytale world, water world, astronomical landscape, sports themes, etc. This is important because soon, the nursery will become a place of rest, dreaming, and a fun playground where your child will grow up. Once you set the theme, it will be easier for you to start decorating.

Fun drawings on the walls

Regarding baby room decorations, drawings on walls, stickers and other such funny images will always be in fashion. If you can not find a sticker to your taste, but you are talented at drawing, you can try to decorate the walls yourself. Start with simple shapes and then fill them with fresh playful colors. Avoid bright red, black, big surfaces or combinations of bold colors.

Cute storage baskets

This is probably one of the most easy home decor ideas, but it is by far the most useful one. The baby’s room is often loaded with many products needed for the growth of the child: bottles, diapers, blankets and many more. However, it is possible to combine functionality with aesthetics. Choose a set of storage baskets, not only you get extra space to store all the baby’s products but you will also transform a dull room into a colorful and playful room.

Toys with womb sounds

The room where the baby sleeps should imitate well the comfort that he had in his mother’s belly. A good night’s sleep means a harmonious development, both mentally and physically, so it is extremely important that in the early years of the child, sleep is not disturbed by external elements. There are toys that have an audio player which faithfully reproduces the sounds that the baby hears in his mother’s womb.

Photo frames

Photo frames are among the most popular baby room decorations. They add style and personality in your home and nursery. Usually the nursery has a specific design, so a wrong style of frame could spoil the look. The most beautiful photo frames for babies (and among the most suitable) are colorful and playful photo frames. Fun and practical, you and your baby will definitely love these frames.

Keep some health concerns in mind

When it comes to decorating the baby’s room, health concerns must surround all aspects of the decoration process. For example, the best crib mattress 2015 should be eco-friendly. For this purpose, avoid foam mattresses which are full of chemicals and choose a bio alternative. Read several reviews in order to narrow down the best crib mattress 2015 models. You must also be very careful with the furniture and decorations which should be painted with bio paint which is VOC free. As far as rugs go, avoid fluffy rugs which encourage the development of dust and other allergens.

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