Dreamy Patio Designs

The patio contributes greatly to creating that pleasurable sensations of relaxation, a small universe of your own, where the nature seamlessly blends with the familiar place that you call “home”.
The patio is perhaps the most exposed space of your home and you should have a design that will complement the harmonious image of the house.  Get inspired with these 3 dreamy patio designs.

Mediterranean design

The courtyard of your home should be an oasis of relaxation, where you and your family can relax in peace.
The Mediterranean style is very modern, yet it retains the classic elements of this great style specific to Europe.
Consider painting your walls white, to attract less heat from the sunlight. A veranda or a Mediterranean patio can make the difference between a man who is always cheerful and relaxed and one who is in constant stress.
Wood and navy blue are elements of the region, and if you decide to have a Mediterranean decor, these elements will complete the exterior design of your home, offering you a small paradise right in your home. Another element specific to this style is mosaic. Mosaic is used for both exterior and interior, for the pavement, walls and decorative objects.

Mexican design

A comfortable and inviting patio is a plus for your home, whether it is located in the front garden or in the backyard.
First, decide where you want to set up the patio. You also have to decide where you will place the key elements of the courtyard: the fountain, fireplace, benches and flower pots.
To achieve a dreamy patio in a Mexican-style it is recommended to use paving materials in natural and earthy shades.
Place the fountain right in the center courtyard or if you want to save space place this decorative element in a corner or near the fence.
Opt for a infrared patio heater. Don’t let the low temperatures keep you from reading your favorite newspaper in the morning. It doesn’t matter how small or big is the space of the patio, because infrared patio heaters can warm a 5 to 10 foot radius, therefore you don’t have to worry about this aspect.
As for the flowers, they must be brightly colored, with various shapes and sizes. The experts recommend to choose flowers or plants in hand-painted pots, it will increase the aesthetic factor of your patio. In addition, opt for a bench made of wood or iron, and then use cushions in warm colors like red, orange, blue, green or yellow.

Romantic design

Pink is often associated with the idea of femininity, romance and delicacy. No one denies that, but pink can be used as a pop of color.
Depending on the area, budget, and preferences, the patio may have one area for relaxation or even several places. The pink accents can be inserted easily into the background, for both the furniture and especially the decorations. Pink furniture in a deep color such as neon pink or fuchsia are unpopular choices for a classic traditionalist decor.
Pale pink is more romantic and, therefore, recommended in a country-chic-influenced patio. Decorations must also be present, such as cushions, seats covers or carpets.
Besides the furniture and decorations, opt for plants in the same color. Hydrangeas, roses and hanging plants are among the many flowers that are found in shades of pink.

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