Essential decorations you should use in a marquee   


A marque is the perfect option when you want to organise an event in the warm season, because it combines the comfort of an interior space with the pleasure of breathing fresh air. When using a marquee you have the possibility to choose the furniture you use to decorate it, so you are the one who decides what fabric they would have. In case you cannot find any already designed marquee on the market, which meets your requirements, you can contact a specialised company, which handles with the Manufacture of Marquee PVC covers, and ask them to design a model according to your requirements. After you decide upon the model of the marquee you have to decorate it, and no matter what features it has, there are some main decorations, which are suitable for any model.

A chandelier

No matter what event you are organising, the location where you place the marquee, or the time of the year, a chandelier is the perfect decoration to put inside because it instantly transforms it into a luxurious and elegant space. Many people do not consider this option, because they have the wrong impression that a marquee is not tall enough for this decoration, or it would not handle the weight of the chandelier. You should not worry, because the manufacturers are designing the marquees to handle both the weight and height of the decorations.


Regarding the event, you will definitely have to place some tables inside the marquee, and you just cannot place them without a small decoration on them. If you are the type of person who does not like bold accessories, you have the option to put a simple centrepiece like a candles arrangement, which is suitable for any type of event. For more glamorous events, you can opt for a tall flower arrangement, or even one that feature feathers.

Matching tablecloths and chairs decorations

There are persons who prefer to not use tablecloths, because they opt for a simple style when decorating, but if you want to achieve a more elegant look, then you should look totally consider them. Usually people are choosing ones in nude shades, because they are the perfect background for colourful arrangements, but if you want to decorate the space in a sumptuous way, then you can choose coloured ones. It is important to match the chairs decorations with the tablecloths, so you can use the same fabric for creating them, or you can choose a contrasting colour.


You might think that the chandelier will provide enough light for the whole marquee, but in case you do like luminous spaces, then you should look for some extra lights. You have the possibility to use candles to accessorise the centrepieces, and they would not only look beautiful but would also light up the space in the night. On the other hand, you can hang some light bulbs from place to place, on the top of the marquee. It is all up to you and your preferences.


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