Genius ways to use ribbon for home décor

There is a good reason why decoration is implemented into every aspect of life. For instance, decoration makes homes beautiful and luxurious, but, most important, it polishes personalities. However, it is important to keep in mind that decoration not only makes your outer look beautiful, but it is representative of most thoughts and ideas. Since your home is symbol of serenity, you should take care to manage your home as best as you can. You can make your home beautiful according to your resources. If you still have left-over wholesale ribbons, you can use them in order to give your home décor a boost. There are so many ways to use ribbons, that the list may seem exhaustive. However, we have managed to narrow it down to a few ones.

Ribbon curtains

The best way to embellish store bought curtains is to add some coloured cloth to them. Just trim the window treatment with some vivid stripes and you will instantly have colour and personality. You do not have to be afraid that once you wash the curtains the ribbons will fall off. If they are sewed properly, you will not have a thing to worry about. It is necessary, nonetheless, to pre-wash the curtains and the loom-woven strips of material before doing the sewing. They will shrink in different manners, so if you do not pre-wash them, you will not get an idea of what you will get. It is advisable not to use fabric glue since it is messy and thus unreliable.

Ribbon = art

You should consider making a ribbon picture board. Ribbon picture boards are used for displaying pictures or for mixing everything into a collage. You can exhibit anything from greeting cards to little posters. The picture board can be hung on the wall, or, if you wish, you can lay it on the table. When it comes to the choice of the cloth, you have full freedom. You can use different combinations according to your beloved sports team or to match the décor in the room. The overall task will not take you more than an hour, but you should purchase the materials ahead of time.

Make large and small bows

Another option that you have is to create small and large bows. Think about paring the bows with modern patterns, such as prints or metallic styles. In order to create bows, you will need several yards of material forming equal size loops. All you have to do is secure them in the middle with a string with the use of floral wire. If you want long tails, you should leave several inches of fabric hanging. Choose different textures for each areas in your house. For an added feminine touch, you can try organza ribbons as well.

The bottom line is that streamers are not only for wrapping gifts. They can very well work as versatile embellishments on anything from the curtains to the actual room. When they acts as a large design element, they will definitely catch the entire attention.

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