Hacks for organizing a man’s wardrobe

It is generally known that most men’s closets look like a tornado has been there, with that typical chaos of jeans, sweaters, t-shirts and dress shirts in a bulk tossed on all closet’s shelves. If you find yourself in this description but desperately want to change something about it, you should definitely pay attention to these useful hacks. Finding your streetwear clothing pieces in due time will not be an issue anymore for you.

Take everything out

The first step in reorganizing your closet is to take out all your clothes. If you want a proper place to store your clothing, you have to clean the closet first, so use the vacuum to clean it, use a soft cloth to remove dust and repair those broken shelves to gain even more space in your closet.

The selection process

The next thing to do in this process is to select the clothes you like and usually wear and put aside the ones you have not worn in decades. Whether you do not like them anymore, or they do not fit you anymore, you have to make more room in your wardrobe. You should also decide whether it is necessary to have too many clothes of the same type and which ones you wear the most, because putting these aside as well will save you even more space.

Decide what you want to do with those “extra” clothes

After you have selected the clothing items you still wear from the ones you do not wear anymore, it is time to decide what you are about to do with those “extra” clothes. One great idea is to donate them to charity organizations or to people you know need them more than you do. If you believe you could still wear them at some point, you should place them in a proper box or bag and store them in a safe place away from the sun in order to avoid damaging them in any way. It might happen to find ripped clothes too, especially when it comes to those t-shirts you threw in the back of the closet a year ago and forgot about them. In such cases, the trash is the best place to “store” them.

Start organizing the wardrobe

It is important to know that having an effective and efficient closet space is the key to proper wardrobe organization. It is recommended to plan a system of organization and you can start with splitting up your clothes by their types. You can opt for a shoe hanger in order to properly store your dress shoes. Decide which clothes are better if hanged and which ones are better if folded. For instance, collared shirts, certain pairs of pants and jackets should be hanged, whereas sweaters should always be folded as well as any other heavy garments. Once you build a system, make sure you stick to it no matter what.

As you can see, these are some great hacks for better organizing a man’s wardrobe.

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