How to transform the basement into a living space

If you are living in a nice home, but you think that you do not have enough square footage, then maybe you should start thinking about a solution. A lot of people try to gain space by re-arranging their garage, attic or even basement, and this may actually work for you too. Whether you need an extra bed room, an office isolated from the rest of your house or an area where kids can play freely, the basement is the ideal choice. A lot of people take advantage of this space only for storage purposes, but if you think about it, this can be the answer to all your questions. Use this area that you would normally neglect, and you will see how you no longer have a cluttered home. If you are planning to start implementing your remodeling project, then you need to know that there are some things you must take into consideration. The transformation will not be as easy as it seems at first glance, but if you create a plan and follow it accordingly, everything will turn out just fine.

  1. Get proper insulation for the space

As same as the attic, the basement is among the places most exposed to moisture, humidity and thus mold. Water infiltration often leads to the emergence of mold, a fungus that can become dangerous for people if inhaled. This may not seem like a big problem if you only enter the room once a month, but if you are going to spend hours daily in the basement, then you might want the space to be clean and safe. There are many basement insulation companies that can provide dedicated services, so make sure you choose a reliable contractor and start right away. Proper insulation creates a barrier between the indoor and the outdoor, protecting the space from condensation and preserving temperature differences.

  1. Define the functionality of the space

If you have decided to transform the basement into an extra room, the first thing you need to think about is the functionality of that space. This way, you know where to start and you can also make a clear evaluation of your project. If you want the basement to become a home gym, then you will have to invest in adequate lighting, mirrors and specialized pieces of equipment. If you want to have an office, then you need to find an alternative to the inexistent natural lighting, which is quite important for a healthy and productive working environment. Planning ahead will save you some money, so make sure you think about everything in advance.

  1. Find another storage space

Whether you will have to move some boxes out of the basement or simply think about another place where you can keep all your stuff, you must definitely find a storage alternative. Now that the space will serve as a functional room, you have to figure another alternative and it seems that renting a storage unit is the best one. It is convenient, affordable and extremely efficient.


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