Keep your house decorated for property appraisal

Once you’ve sold the house, it’s time to get packing. Or is it? What you should be doing is start preparing for home appraisal. While paying someone hundreds of dollars to assess the market value of your property is not the most glamourous part about selling a house, it can be the most rewarding one. The appraisal report is necessary not only for setting the price of sale of a property, but also for making sure that you sell the house for what it is really worth. Although people usually expect the home appraiser to develop an opinion based on the structure or back yard, the truth is that the examiner also takes into consideration the general aesthetics. Even the minimum amount of effort will have a high impact on the property appraisal North Carolina.

What to do about the timeless aspect

When it comes to real estate appraisal, examiners take into consideration how well the design of the house stands comparison to others in the area. So, what happens if you have a home with a design that is outdated? The only thing you can do is highlight the most important features of the house. One idea would be to contrast furnishings and get some ideas from a design magazine. You should consider changing the layout, meaning that you can apply a fresh coat of painting. A can of paint is relatively cheap and you’ll make the room look brand new again. Deal with all aspects related to furniture placement and accessories. In addition to this, soiled carpets and rats lingering about the house affect the overall condition rating. So, make sure to make your home the cleanest on the block.

What the appraiser appreciates

What the appraiser is most interested when walking into a house is what you leave behind. To be more precise, you cannot afford to leave a pile of clutter when you leave. Even if the house is not necessarily valued for your cleaning skills, it is essential to provide the examiner with a clear look. If you keep carpet on top of carpet, then you leave the impression that you are hiding something. Equally important is that the reviewer will pay close attention to basics, such as flooring and lighting fixtures. This is why it is worth tending to aspects of lighting, flooring condition. After all, making the home look more attractive has a significant influence on the appraisal figure.

Some final thoughts

The best course of action is to keep the house staged until you are perfectly sure that the deal is sealed. Even though you can technically sell a house, you are still under contract, meaning that the property is not sold until the buyer signs all the closing paperwork. There are many variables that can possibly go wrong on closing, so that it is advisable to at least make sure that the house is staged and looks nice because the overall appearance of the house impacts the appraisal number. The bottom line is that you should keep the house decorated as if you were showing it off to potential buyers.


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