Master Bedroom Interior Design

The bedroom is often neglected because we consume energy arranging other spaces of our homes. But we spend more time in the bedroom, and how we decorated can affect our sleep and mood.
Make your bedroom a place where you look forward to retreat with these 5 ideas for a master bedroom interior design.

1. Rustic bedroom

Regarding master bedroom interior design, wood is the most important decorative element associated with the rustic style. We can use it for solid wood floors and wooden walls or for small pieces of furniture and decoration items, such as vases or photo frames.
Obviously, wood is the key element of this design, but that does not mean you have to spend lots of money on a large piece of wood. Use a flat piece of wood instead of bedside tables or get some wooden boxes and use them for storage. Create a blanket made of different patches or use wool blankets and pillows made of fake fur to enhance the rustic appearance of your bedroom.

2. Parisian chic

Black and white stripes combined with pale misty blue always create a stylish and chic space, which is very easy to love. Black and white can give the feeling of luxury, especially if you choose to have textures and details that delight the senses. Dark wooden floors and walls painted in a shade of white create a sophisticated design. Choose good quality products, such as silk blankets, a small chandelier and a velvet cushion. As decorations, keep your small and simple accessories such as handbags and jewelry exposed and add some framed pictures on the wall. Don’t forget to expose your collection of vintage perfume bottles!

3. Colorful bedroom

The bedroom is an intimate place for relaxation, comfort and for sleep. But that does not mean that you can not have bright colors or a vividly atmosphere that makes you feel energized and ready for a new day. Give color to a trivial bedroom with some bold red or blue wallpaper. Those who are really daring can use a contrasting color for bedside tables and seats (yellow and blue). If you want to limit the contrast between bright colors, choose a white bed and a grey wooden table white different colored decorations.

4. British style

Incorporate the British style and the grandeur of the royal palace in one room – the master bedroom.
The huge bed, covered with decorative pillows of different sizes and textures will transform your room into an English-style seating corner. The color of the walls should highlight the chosen furniture and, in addition, create a pleasant atmosphere. Therefore, opt for orange, a color that will illuminate the room regardless of the season. You can also use a darker blue, gray or red bordeaux. Also, you can apply vertical or horizontal stripes to give the room more volume.

5. African style

The culture and the history of the African continent are found in many decoration elements. The bounding with nature is reflected on the choices of colors, which perfectly characterize the warmth of Africa. A shade that can be taken into account when choosing the African theme for master bedroom interior design is red. This color suits the African traditions and goes perfectly with other tones of the chromatic palette such as mandarin orange. Warm shades used in the decoration of the room are associated with earthy tones such as brown. African-style furniture is usually made of dark and specific materials such as mahogany.
You can apply tribal patterns on one side of the room. The color and pattern must be interlinked with the room design – since it is the master bedroom, you can choose a more complex design.

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