Popular trends for interior design


Interior design is a domain extremely dynamic, and as same as in fashion, trends change with each season. If you are planning to purchase a property or you want to redecorate your current one, than you should learn some things about the latest trends related to house decorations. As a general idea, you need to know that there is a tendency of moving towards a natural environment, by the means of colours, patterns, fabrics, decorations and so on. In addition to this, it seems that interior designers have gone the extra mile, supporting the use of eco-friendly materials and encouraging environment protection.

What happens with the colours?

As you have probably already noticed, in the past years, designers have been focusing on strong, bright colours. They recommend the use of as many hues as possible (but some that belong to the same scheme), in order to obtain an original design and even a statement, through the use of colour. Variations of the same tone will be seen not only in smaller decorations, such as pillows, cushions, lamps or paintings, but also on the walls – needless to say that they have to  match. However, remember that you have to avoid the “matchy-matchy” effect, so you can break the pattern sometimes with a contrasting shade. When it comes to the most in style colours, you need to know that ocean tones of blue (ranging from turquoise to royal), vibrant purples (from plum to hot pink) and reds are some of the most popular choices. Speaking of walls, you should also know that wall art will become more and more creative – so whether you hang an abstract picture or a huge family portrait on the wall, the result will be the best.


What about textures and materials?

Apparently, courageous decisions are the main feature in terms of interior design, not only as far as colours are concerned, but also in terms of patterns, textures and fabrics. It seems that the following period will bring with it a much bolder use of materials, which means that you can let your imagination fly as much as you want. Designers have actually stepped out by mixing a leather modular lounge with fabric sofas and armchairs, but the results are incredibly stylish. Outstanding combinations seem to be one of the most popular tendencies when it comes to interior design: copper, velvet, silks, leather, industrial materials or sleek contemporary pieces – these can all cohabit and create an amazing layered interior.


How are lines evolving in terms of furniture?

As far as the lines are concerned, mergers seem to dominate designs. Geometric shapes are very popular not only for mid-century pieces of furniture, but also for contemporary objects, but these are fashionably combined with soft round contours. The contrast is appealing and stylish, mostly because it is very unpredictable: classic and symmetrical lines, mixed with eclectic pieces and retro or vintage designs. All in all, it appears that the main trend is not being held back by rules and looking for new perspectives.

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